What is Rebel Coding

What is Rebel Coding

Rebel Coding means to teach others while giving back to the community.

By combining both learning and community service, we provide students a way to build their own coding portfolio, while centering the community effort ALL learning is.

No, we are not a certificate granting institution; though I may make an anti-cert for those who complete the course.

The certificate is your website, your knowledge, and your core project. The certificate are the people you meet during this four-week journey; not just within your cohort, but the other learners, developers and people in tech spaces.

Rebel Coding is designed to provide you an fluid, efficient and accessible introduction to coding through web development. Rebel Coding provides the language and concepts through small and simple steps.

The first step is to sign-up with Github; and while we’re not a fan of all their government contracts, they remain a pillar of the open-source and coding community. Accordingly, it is a good to know how to navigate their platform and the adjacent coding program git. Next you’ll send me your Github username, as this will be the same username for your Rebel Labs account.

We use a JupyterHub to provide you an individual Linux shell account. Here you will create an SSH key, and input into your GitHub account. This will make using git to create, clone, update and modify repositories much easier 🙂

Next you’ll build a website using HTML. Then you’ll make it prettier with CSS. Now you’ll make it interactive using JavaScript. Can you scrape it with Python?

Cool, so now we’ll talk about the full development stack, databases, servers and clients; but recognize this is an incredibly simplified description. We’ll dig a bit deeper into the server and client; and we’ll discuss the common external components in Class 7 & Class 8.

Along the way you’ll build your own website, and place it on a custom domain. You will build a scraper to get events from a website of your choosing. If you’d like, you can contribute your scraper to an on-going open-source project.

Lastly, you’ll start to build your own application or coding project.

We provide templates, as well as a coach and individualized time, to support your individual journey.

Because Rebel Coding is about teach people to code while giving back to the community; and you are part of that community. Rebel Coding is about teaching you how to code, and grow your skills. Because in a world that doesn’t care, caring is rebellious.