Web Dev 102

This course is for Founders; we’ll be building your prototypes. This is why you get hosting.

A note about hosting; most plans will start at $3 per month, or so; and then the rate jumps for the second year to $15+ per month. Digital Ocean will not do this; though will enable you to scale with your business as well.


We’ll be meeting once per week as a group of five; while you’ll have the chance to connect with me individually at your leisure and convenience.

We’ll go through all of the basics, using videos and conversation, to make sure that you are able to use the information to be building your prototype in real-time.

The group is here to help you solve any and all problems that may rise.

  1. Full Stack & Database
  2. Server
  3. Client
  4. Deployment

Those are the topics we will cover, and their order.