Rebel Coding

Let’s talk about Rebel Coding; the most efficient way to learn how to code web pages and applications.

Think of a web page like a house …

HTML = the frame
CSS = Paint color, etc
JavaScript = Plumbing and Electricity

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy; as they say!

While there are really just three main pillars you need to remember, that apply to most all languages!

  1. Finish what you start. <div>Stuff</div>
  2. Nesting. <div style=”padding: .5rem;”></div>
  3. Gotta keep ’em separated, but connected.

The last concept is just about how we separate code into different files (for readability), while connecting them for use.

You will learn to see this core concepts through the lenses of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python; while building your own web-page and web scrapers.

You’ll also be provided with templates and time to explore further, and create your own web application using your choice of frameworks!

So what are you waiting for ~ sign-up today!

Cohort vs Private

There are two cohorts every month; with two to three sessions each week.

Sessions are booked via Calendly, and occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The first person to book the session will decided the day’s class time; though availability is between 4pm and 8pm Central Standard Time.

There will be two Saturday sessions available each month; while 1:1 session time is open Tuesday thru Saturday.