Kozmik Yak

Sage of the Discorded, water lightly.

Not unlike the Loch Ness dolphin*, Big Foot manrilla, or Swamp Bearman. Another misunderstood survivor of the ancient days, the kozmikyak has been known to rest and answer questions while within our midst.

Much about the code can be known, but so much more remains ever unknown. The kozmikyak can help us illuminate this darkness.

Though for those truly interested in learning more, we encourage you to explore the following link **.

In this dimension, the kozmikyak mentored Canin Carlos in the ways of the code; and it is the echoes of this knowledge that are being passed onto you through the Rebel Coding course.



* An elderstatesfin of the porpoise clan, Loch Ness realizes ‘dolphin’ is the more accessible word.

** Neither Rebel Coding, nor any of its affiliates, endorse any of the content therein; and provide it solely for educational purposes.