Kicked Out!

Long story short, yup, I got kicked out of a coding bootcamp.

We were about two-thirds of the way through the program when it was decided that I was no longer “a good fit”.

You can read their explanation here yourself: A Prime Dismissal

Upon entering the program, I agreed to help other students — being that I entered the program with experience.

I love helping others, and so had zeal for the occasion — I started tutoring students on Saturday mornings in-exchange for weed and food.

(At least 4 other students regularly smoked, and … y’all …)

Being that I was house-less, one student used the opportunity to provide a place to crash in-exchange for more help during the weekdays.

All of them have since gone on to find solid employ in tech, save one.

I was already building another project, MnActivist, and, now seek to build more avenues to support the overall work of empowering communities through code!