Here be the details

Here be the details

Of course you want to know how to code!

It’s the hammer and nails of the 21st century ~

And you know Rebel Coding has you covered.

In 60 days, we’ll take you from being a padawan of the code to a promising Jedi building and deploying your own projects!

How is a web page built?

How is  web page served?

Server vs client-side … huh?

What’s an API call?

There are just some of the questions you will be able to answer in-depth by the end of our course.

But just having the knowledge ISN’T ENOUGH!

You need to make sure you can apply what you know, and prove it ~

And in the tech world,  the best proof is  working on open-source projects!

That’s right!

By the end of our course not only will you have the know-how to build your own web pages, and phone applications; you will have documented contributions to open-source applications that are being used by regular folks, in production, right now!

We can’t stop there though — we will need to build you a website too …

and a resume built with TeX!

Or rather, we give you the resources, the tools and the one-on-one coaching build your own portfolio page, with custom domain, and crazy customizable resume using the TeX language.

(TeX is what scientists use to write their journal articles ~ we’ll take the opportunity to see how are basic lessons about coding can transfer over to another non-web-development language.)

All of this is valued at well-over $5,500 work of course-work, takeaway product and community access.

Bootcamps charge well over $10,000 for less (and I should know, I got kicked out of one.)

So what’s the price-tag you ask?

$349 ~

  • Access to course-work
  • 12+ hours of private coaching
  • Open-source Contributions
  • Personal Website
  • Customized Resume
  • Lifetime access to our Slack Community

What exactly am I getting?

You are getting access to a library of tutorials that walk you through creating and using a GitHub account.

Next, you will sign into a Project Jupyter account that we create for you, and this will be your lab station for the next four weeks, at least.

Here you will begin your journey of learning to read documentation, and adjusting your thoughts to how code works.

You will follow instructions, with videos, to create an SSH-key that we will plug back into your GitHub account; and then we will begin cloning the remainder of our curriculum.

Our program is split into five modules covering

  1. WebDev Basics (bash, git, HTML & CSS)
  2. Python Basics & VirtualEnv
  3. Django & Pull Requests
  4. JavaScript & APIs
  5. TeX & Takeoff

Each module is taught through Jupyter notebooks and videos.

While each week you will connect for an hour with me, Canin, to talk about any questions you might have!

But what if I have a question outside of that hour ?!?

On our slack community, you will have access, not just to me, but other tech professionals able to answer you questions!