Canin Carlos

Founder / Coach

I am a self-taught developer and founder of MnActivist.Org, a website and application to aggregate civic information. I first learned to code through mentorship, and learning R through a university statistics program.

Continuing to develop applications, my impetus for learning was to be able to make manifest my many ideas.

DreamFreely is the container for commercial idea, and ScreamFreely the container for non-commercial ideas.

You can check out my personal blog here.

Longer story of formal tech experience:

I coded my first website in the late 90’s. Geocities, Angelfire and the like, before MySpace even.

I sold my first website in the mid-2000s. And it’s still up. Admittedly i have an odd business practice of teaching my clients out of my usefulness. These first clients replicated the site for their other locations. I got free pizza and money for the effort 😋

Next I moved onto the University of Minnesota where I built templates for the various colleges using CSS and PHP, among other technology projects.

Soon thereafter I began working for a small development shop in Minneapolis. I was building tests on Django and learning the full-stack. Eventually charged with building the devops layer consisting of Ansible, Vagrant and Docker. Along with a metrics and tracking dashboard.

The company’s primary contract fell thru and my services were no longer needed.

Eventually I found work as a database administrator for a company that provided CRM services for non-profits and the like. Before leaving due to an unsafe working environment i had been promoted to lead of special projects due to initiative I’d taken to build a few apps for the marketing department.

After all of this I still didn’t feel as though I had a solid grasp on JavaScript. So I attended a bootcamp and eventually learned.

At the same time I began teaching Saturday classes to members of my bootcamp cohort. Though eventually I was kicked out.

Hence Rebel Coding.

I’ve since decided to focus on my own projects and helping others get introduced to technology. There isn’t much roommate for non white folks in tech yet, and so the work of making more room for us seems a worthy pursuit.

I provided a comprehensible and comprehensive introduction to full-stack web development as well as a growing community able to support your growth.