# Why am I writing these books?

The books are written as a guide to myself; everything I wish I would have known before entering into the discriminatory world [of software development.]

Conveniently enough, these books are also a guide to those interested and able to contribute to another project of mine, ScreamFreely.

Which is actually how the idea came about.

ScreamFreely is a set of applications, web and mobile, for which I need help constructing and maintaining; mainly the continual addition and refinement of web-scrapers.

The aspiration is too large for one person, while not enough people within tech have the insight necessary to see the vision.

I need reskill and upskill other orphans and outcasts.

# Why are they free?

Beyond the aforementioned statement, this the burgeoning ethos of the internet, and also how a saturation of the market works.

There is SO much information out there already, some of it really good too; and so much of it is free.

If I want to compete in the market, I need to reduce the barrier to entry accordingly.

Though this is also my personal ethos; I got a golden ticket to the top, for no other reason than luck.

Granted, I was unable to stay there; I got a glimpse, and I took some dirt with me to begin growing my own little garden, seeded by nutrients taken from behind the golden gates of privilege.

Mixed with the dirt of the earth, and voila, Rebel Coding is born.

Accessible to all, guarded by none, curated by a community.

As my ultimate plan is the gain the stability I was denied, and sustain it myself; while enabling others to do so as well.

And the first step is to make sure this information is accessible to those whose feedback is most important: those who may not always have the money, but definitely have the need to learn this information.

Those who, I believe, have some of the most valuable ideas, insights and drive, to make some of the most powerful contributions, yet unrealized, to our world!

And if that is you, please let me know, how can I optimize this material further for you?

# Why am I writing these books?

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