Eight Week Program Outline

Eight Week Program Outline

Below is an outline of the eight-week program. The strength relies on the 1-on-1 time students have with the instructor.

[work in progress]

What is the Curriculum?

We use a platform called JupyterHub so students need nothing more than browser access for the first two weeks of the program.

Step 0: Orientation

First we need to get acquainted with what we are about to accomplish, and set up our workstations.

Step 1: HTML CSS & Git

We will create our first webpage using HTML & CSS ~ learning the basic upon which everything else is built! We also make sure we can use Git to update our repositories.

Students will need to attend at least one “meet-up” in the next 3 weeks.

Step 2: JavaScript

We’ll return to our personal webpages to learn about making them interactive using JavaScript and jQuery.

Step 3: Into to Python

In the first week we dabbled with the command-line-interface, now we just jump-in by learning how to build our first scrapers ~ running the scrapers.

Step 4: The Full Stack

We’ll review everything we’ve learned, and have submitted a scraper to the MnActivist Project.

We will review soft skills, networking and discuss our ideal working climates.

Step 5: Django & the Stack

Django is our introduction to the server side of web applications.

We will learn it’s various functions, and how they are used to provide API endpoints for MnActivist.

Step 6: VueJS & the Server

This week we will learn how the client side of the application access those endpoints, and how it can use the information provided.

Step 7: Resumes, Projects & Porfolios

We review everything we’ve learned so far, and work on finishing our individual application projects. We’ll also learn what LaTeX is, and complete draft resumes using the language/program

Step 8: Other Operating Systems & Scaling

In this final week we’ll cover the difference between Mac, Linux & Windows. As well, we’ll get an overview of a complete stack for an app such as Twitter, which serves many millions of clients each day.

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