Build Web Pages, Scrapers & Applications

REbel Coding 4-week Cohort

Html - css- javascript -python - linux - postgresql

Live Weekly Lectures / Conversations

5 Hours of 1:1 Code Coaching

5 seats per month

3 SOL / $195

Next cohort starts May 2022!

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    Heyo, how ya doin?

    My name is Canin Carlos, and I designed this course to get folks started in web development by covering the foundations in an accessible and memorable way.

    I'll help you to create personal projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL, as well as how to use a Linux command-line-interface (CLI). Developer tools such as Browser Inspect, SSH, Git and more will become second nature to you, and core assets in your adventures forward.

    With over 20 years of coding experience, I started with GeoCities and MySpace; though it's called Rebel Coding because my attitude is better suited for teaching, and building, independently.

    Here's a link to the materials we'll use.

    Course Structure

    We meet twice weekly, virtually, to review a progression of eight topics. These conversations will be recorded for those who cannot attend; while we'll rotate class times if need be to make sure all have a chance to attend.

    Each participant will also have 60 minutes of 1:1 time each week. This time does compound, and can be used anytime within six weeks of the course's start date.

    We use Discord for communication, and JupyterHub as the learning interface.

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    Rebel Coding Others
    Duration 4 weeks 12+ weeks
    Cohort Size 5 15+
    1:1 Support 5+ hours ? ? ?
    Cost < $500 > $5,000

    $75 USDC Voucher

    By the end of week two you will know how to build web-scrapers; while we have a sibling project for which we'll pay you up to $75 USDC to add web-scrapers to the project.

    Those who pay with Solana will receive $50 in credit, while those who pay in fiat will receive $75 in credit.

    Read what others have said ...

    "Canin breaks down difficult coding concepts and helps others learn no matter their skill level. They're a kind and patient teacher and storyteller. I feel like they're as much of a student as they are a teacher. Learning from them was an enjoyable experience." ~ Alicia

    " I was tired of the way most coding programs teach. Canin was a down to earth guide to coding! I got everything I needed to rapidly expand my ability to create websites, work on scripts, and run server side programs." ~ Chayton

    "Canin is able to quickly pick up and adapt to new concepts, they are also able to break down these concepts and explain them easily for others to comprehend." ~ Ami

    "Canin has a unique way of explaining the world of coding, giving a high-level overview of where there is to go, instead of just pushing ahead without a map. I highly recommend this approach, as I believe it aids the student in growing towards self-directed study." ~ Matthew

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    12 emails over two-weeks.

    Review the basics, and keep it movin'!